„Ajtony Csaba: In music history, the role of the Musikdirektor was to make good music happen. It was only a detail whether the music was written, organized, or taught by him. For me, the conducting and the composing are the two sides of the same expression; they are inseparable from each other. In this field, the influence of Péter Eötvös was determining for me. In today’s music life, these roles can be separated from each other, but different projects allow connecting them and to exploring.”
Interview in Papageno, May 6, 2019

„Ajtony Csaba directed what was, on the whole, a very fine performance. (…) Csaba directed the work well, with sensibly-chosen tempos and a firm hand on the architecture of the lengthy final movement. His orchestra also played extremely well.”
Deryk Barker, Islandnet, October 27, 2017

 „The UVic Orchestra was a joy to hear.”
Peter Berlin, Islandnet, March 6, 2015

“The musicians from the Musikuniversität Wien coming from the Central and Eastern European region [Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester, Central European Chamber Orchestra] start right at the beginning with a bit another remix by Aphex Twin, wandering between genres, and they show, how much drive is hidden in the classical music instruments.”
Doris Weberberer, Österreichische Musik Zeitschrift, 2011/2.

 „One point I must underline: his skills as an orchestral trainer are in no doubt; this was most distinguished playing. A promising start to the new era at UVic.”
Deryk Barker, Islandnet, October 29, 2010

„[In the music theatre ’gentle birth’] the general mixture, the play of the people and machine results in a strange orgasm. The atmosphere of the performance was based on the erotically seasoned choreography by Gergye with white, tull dresses of the dancers. The electronic music was flowing at some points hastily, at others with softly rolling, sometimes with effects sounding like rattling pebbles. It opened a discourse referring to the beginning of the world and the creation.”
Ferenc Vincze, Magyar Hírlap, March 4, 2005.