Concert series NewSpirit&Music in Budapest continues with three concerts

The concert series NewSpirit&Music, curated by Ajtony Csaba, continues with three concerts this spring.

A Viennese program comes to the Hold Street church on 25 April. The Central European Chamber Orchestra (Mitteleuropäisches Kammerorchester), conducted by Ajtony Csaba, plays Schönberg's Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4 and Schubert's Overture in c minor, D.8.

On 8 May, three outstanding musicians, Ditta Rohmann (cello), Gergely Ittzés (flute) and Péter Solymosi (trumpet) will give a special concert in the Buda Castle Lutheran Church. Pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Gergely Ittzés, Zoltán Jeney, Vincent Persichetti, György Kurtág and Tóru Takemitsu are in the program, connected by interludiums written by Ajtony Csaba.

The concert on 26 May, in the Deák Square Lutheran Church, mixes classical and contemporary pieces with improvisation based on soundpainting technique. Éva Bodrogi, the Quartetto Speranza and Zsuzsa Tornyainé Dóry play Máté Balogh's piece 'Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr' and Carlo Gesualdo's Io Tacerò arranged by Samu Gryllus, and Flautett Flute Trio plays Trio in G major BWV 586 by Johann Sebastian Bach. The pieces will be framed by improvisation by Dániel Váczi (glissonic), Ajtony Csaba (organ), and students of the Széchenyi István University Faculty of Arts, directed by Samu Gryllus with soundpainting. 

The concert series aims to demonstrate the connection between new music and spirituality.  It also presents new music works that help in self-reflection and creates a common experience at the same time.